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When faced with divorce in your area it is recommended that you seek a local Santee divorce lawyer near you for help. There are many advantages to hiring a Santee divorce and family law attorney. Trying to navigate the state divorce laws is very complicated and in other to look out for your best interest, hiring the right legal expert will help you out a lot. Your top priority should be to make sure that you interests are met by someone who understand the law.

Understanding Annulment

An annulment (or “nullity of wedding” or “nullity of marital company”) is when a court says that your wedding or marital affiliation is NOT lawfully legitimate. After dissolution, it is like your wedding or domestic affiliation never happened since it was never official.

Marriages and family affiliations are declared invalid because of following reasons:

  • At the time of marriage the party filing a case for separation is under 18 years of age.
  • One of the spouse is already married or is having a legally documented relationship.
  • Either of the parties was of “unsound mind”
  • Any one of the spouses got married forcibly or as a result of deception.
  • The couple got married.But post marriage one of the spouse is physically incapacitated

Statutes of Limitations

The time within which one can file for dissolution vary depending on the basis why the partners desire the annulment. Below mentioned are the statutes of limitations:

One of the partners or both, at the time of marriage ceremony is under 18 can file for annulment in the span of 4 years after attaining 18.

If any partner is pre-married: In such a case, a case can be filed as long as both of them or prior spouses are alive

Unsound mind: Dissolution can be filed by the party any time before the death of either party.

Deception: An annulment on the basis of fraud can only be filed by the individual who was cheated, but within 4 years of discovering the deceit.

Physical incapacity:  In such a case, suit should be filed within 4 years of getting married.

Human rights and obligations relating to property and debt

When you assert that a marriage is not lawfully valid, you are also saying that the lawful privileges and duties of society property guidelines in California do not apply. It means that you cannot rely on community property laws to split any belongings or liability that you accumulate while you were in a family relationship.

Finalizing a Divorce Case: A divorce case split ends with either a resolution or a contested examination. If both parties are competent to arrive at conformity on all issues, attorneys will prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement, which is an inclusive text that memorializes every matured issue. The Marital Settlement Agreement is subsequently signed by both of them and is submitted to the judicial authorities with some other papers for finalization and acceptance of court order. If a resolution is yet to arrive, the case will continue to a trial, which means that an arbitrator or representative will decide on each contested concern of divorce.

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