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The Right Skilled San Diego Family Attorneys Near You Can Get Your Divorce Cases In Your Favor With Aggressive Representation!

Having a caring, aggressive, and one the best local San Diego divorce attorney & family law lawyer with years of experience can help you get better results in all types of dissolution of marriage law cases including child custody, alimony, property division, child support, spousal support, and other family law cases like fathers rights, high net divorce, move away hearing, etc.

To get the best outcome you need a San Diego divorce attorney who is available when it matters to help you with your complex divorce & separation issues.

If you have a post-judgment modification, military, complex, contested & uncontested divorce in San Diego County family law courts, you should talk to the right family and divorce attorney with experience and skill to get you results.

San Diego Divorce & Family Law Overview, Lawyers, and More

Divorce is emotional to go through but know that you are not alone, there are others going through what you are going through in the city and state.

As a matter of fact, a report by the Judicial Council of California shows that in 2017 there were 387,849 family law cases filed in California superior courts. Of this 138,520 was related to marital matters.

The best thing you can do is to protect your rights by lawyering up and hiring the best San Diego family and divorce lawyer to represent your interests.

So, what is a divorce?

Divorce is simply a legal action initiated by married couples to end their marriage. Keep in mind that annulment is different from a divorce.

The rate of marriage dissolution continues to rise in the country. According to a report by the Control for Disease & Prevention(CDC), in U.S the divorce rate is about 2.6 of every 1000 population.

When separation becomes imminent in a marriage, it often involves a few primary considerations: broken relationship and division of assets. San Diego separating couples need to address these issues amicably, especially, when minors are involved.

Even though you can file for your divorce on your own in the city or county,  it is recommended that experienced and reliable San Diego divorce attorney is hired to help the couple settle these issues quickly and efficiently for the sake of all parties especially when children are involved.

Emotional trauma is usually involved that hinder logical decisions and solutions.

What is a typical divorce process in San Diego?

A divorce process in San Diego can be long or short. The more the spouses are willing to work out things the shorter the process. Below are the typical steps and process of a divorce.

  • Separation
  • Petition filing
  • Spouse notification
  • Motion
  • Agreement
  • Trial
  • Appeal

Hiring the right San Diego divorce lawyer near you

The state legal steps for divorce are complicated. The process is long and tedious with a lot of filings, negotiations, and considerations pertaining to child custody, alimonies, property division, child support, etc.

So couples facing marriage-separation require skilled San Diego divorce lawyers to help on the best of actions to undertake with realistic goals and solutions that benefit all parties.

A licensed and trained family law firm specializing in divorce cases is experienced and familiar with the full scope of family law in California, particularly in divorce. These divorce lawyers or family attorneys are capable of evaluating short-term changes and long-term goals involved in a divorce case.

An experienced San Diego divorce attorney or family lawyer can assist you in securing alimony payments with life insurance benefits. The right application of California divorce law helps to secure better payouts and recognition for the estranged spouse and children. The right law office, in addition to providing you with high quality and aggressive legal services for all of your family law needs, may also offer:

  •  No rush consultations
  • Appointments to Fit Your Schedule
  • Payment Plan Options

Typical San Diego divorce & family law attorneys practice areas

The right divorce attorney should be able to help you with all types of family law & divorce issues. San Diego family law and divorce issues can get messy and need the representation of the best divorce attorney who understands the intricacies of the law.

  • Military Divorce Lawyer
  • Child Custody Lawyer
  • Child Support Lawyer
  • Spousal Support & Alimony Lawyer
  • Complex Property & Asset Division Lawyer
  • Marriage Separation & Annulment Lawyer
  •  High net worth divorce Lawyer
  • Fathers Rights Lawyer
  • Move Away Hearing Lawyer
  • Visitation Rights Lawyer
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer

Cost of Representation

One of the challenges facing those considering or going through a divorce is how to pay for a lawyer. Coming up with the fund for San Diego divorce lawyer cost is another headache to add to an already stressful situation.

So how much do attorney charges to represent people for divorce or family law cases? It all depends on the attorney, their experience and what they will be doing for you.

However, most family law attorneys typically charge $300 to $400 an hour. So if you have a complex divorce case then your fee will skyrocket.

Some attorneys offer affordable payment plans

As someone facing any type of family law issues including divorce in San Diego, you may be wondering how you can pay for your legal representation as divorce and family law matters are expensive.

The good news is that some if not most divorce and family law attorneys offer their clients affordable payment plan options.

The way these payment plans vary from lawyer to lawyer and law firm to law firm.

However, in general, the way it works is that they will require you to put down a certain amount of retainer to start your case and then put you on a monthly plan. For example, let say that the retainer is $3500, the attorney may ask for $1000 to start your case and the put you on 200 or 300 monthly plan.

You can also get legal finance through companies such as LendEdu and LendingUsa et cetera.

Next Step: Speak with a local San Diego divorce attorney nearby for Free Consultation on complex, post-judgment modification, military, uncontested/contested divorce matters

The right legal expert with the latest information on divorce is necessary to handle a divorce case professionally, especially when the state laws change constantly to accommodate the changing lifestyle and technologies.

Please call to be connected with San Diego divorce attorney and family law lawyer.

When you call remember to ask the divorce lawyer if he or she offers payment plans.


How do San Diego divorce lawyers charge their clients?

Divorce lawyers typically charge a retainer and then minus their hours from it. And once the money depletes they will request another retainer. Some attorneys charge flat fees while others charge on an hourly basis

Can I get a San Diego divorce & family law free consultation?

Some law firms offer a free consultation for divorce and family law cases while others will charge you a small amount for consultation which they typically minus from the retainer if you end up hiring them. While other law firms do not charge for a free consultation.

Some do a hybrid where they will give you a free consultation for 30 minutes to one hour and then after that, they will have to charge you. If you call any divorce lawyer, it is recommended that you ask him or her about a free consultation. Most will likely offer you a free consultation for 30 minutes to one hour without you paying for it.