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Welcome to our National City divorce and family law attorney website. Every split-up of a marriage that is filed in National City, CA must proclaim the reason on which the separation is to be decided. The basis for divorce must be accompanied with proof or evidence otherwise the court can sack the case.

When you are pleading the court for a split-up, or agree to divorce, make it clear in your mind that you entirely understand the grounds and any probable legal repercussions. Either of the two can plead in court to terminate the legal relationship.

As per California law, if any one of the spouse wants to end the marriage, the judge can do it, even if the other one is not agreeing to it. A wedded couple or registered partner can end up their married status in California six months post the first papers were filed in the court and a copy of these papers is served.

A wedding is NEVER lawfully valid when it is:

  • Incestuous: If the people of close blood relative marry each other or enters into a documented domestic partnership.
  • Bigamous: This is a case where a spouse is already married to or in a documented domestic partnership with anyone else.

The case can be filed since you disagree with something your other half or partner is asking for. Or you may perhaps concur on some concerns, but not others. If such is the case, you can mark up your conformity on the issue you worked out and leave the rest issues for an adjudicator to fix on.

If you are in a contested case, you may want to try mediation to resolve your case yourselves and not leave the verdict up to a judge. If you and your spouse or family partner, conclude with an agreement on all or at least some of the concerns in your breakup or legal separation, you can save time and money, as well as the emotional trauma of struggle over these issues in court.

If you do not react to your partner or partner’s petition for separation or you reply, but reach a conformity, your case will be well thought-out either a “defaulting” or an “unchallenged case“. In a “true default” suit, you are ready to give up your right to hold any say in your disconnect or legal separation case. Before choosing this option, be persuaded that you read the documents your spouse has filed very cautiously. What your partners ask for in the papers is most likely going to be what the court instructs.

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