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Finding some of the best  local La Mesa divorce lawyers near you can make huge a impact on the outcome of your case. Divorce can be defined as a marriage ending under legal terms. The requirements of completing a divorce differ from one state to another or from country to country. The only common aspect of all divorces is that a judge reviews and approves the settlement in cases where the couple can’t seem to agree on a settlement.

The judge also makes the decision on how the property is divided among the two and how parenting time is shared after the divorce. Without a signed court order from a judge, then the divorce is not official and there is no way either party can remarry.

If you live in La Mesa, California, below are some of the procedures and rules of obtaining your divorce. It is important to note that the rules and procedures will apply to legally married opposite sex couples, same sex couples and domestic partners who are registered but wish to have their relationship dissolved.

Divorce grounds
With California being a no-fault divorce kind of state, no spouse is required to prove that the other was responsible for the marriage breakdown. It offers freedom to either spouse to file for a divorce under irreconcilable differences base. Incurable insanity is also reason enough for the filing, although sufficient proof must be obtained.

Residency and waiting
When filing for a divorce in La Mesa one of the spouses must have resided in the area for at least six months. Prior to the petition filing also, the individual must have lived within the county where the filing is done for three months at the minimum.

After the filing, the court might take six months before granting the divorce after the other spouse appears in court or served with the divorce petition. For domestic partners, no proof of residency is required for the divorce to be granted.

Property division
La Mesa treats the property as community property. This means, therefore that anything acquired during your marriage, including personal property, home and even income will be divided equally. The same equal division goes for any debts during the marriage.

In here you and your spouse can come to an agreement on how to share or divide the property, then the burden of dividing is taken off the judge. Any other property got before the marriage, however remains separate property and cannot be divided or shared.

California divorce laws also touch on child support and child custody and it is important to ensure that you are aware of the requirements and rules before filing for the divorce

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