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Hire An El Cajon Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney To Fight For Your Best Interests On Post-Judgement Modification, Military, Complex, Contested/Uncontested Divorce Matters Like Child Support, Child Custody/Visitation Rights, Spousal Support/Alimony, Fathers Rights, & Property Division, Annulment, & Adoptions Etc

It is important to talk to local El cajon divorce lawyer and family law attorney near you who will best represent you on your case. A divorce in the city is subject to the divorce laws of the state, according to the California Family Code Sections 200 2320. A long list of proceedings and processes must take place in a divorce case in California to ensure justice is applied to every involved party. Talking to El Cajon divorce attorney will help you not go through divorce processes stress by yourself.

In California, couples seeking a divorce must conform to the state laws which require compliance with certain conditions:

  • One party in the marriage must have resided in California for at least 6 months
  • The proceeding for a judgment of marriage dissolution would be filed for 3 months after filing the petition
  • The superior court resides over the proceedings as per the state code on divorce

Parties seeking a divorce in California need to understand the state laws prior to filing a divorce petition. Professional divore attorney representation can be hired to assist in this action.

Family Law Attorney Practice Practice Areas

Most El Cajon divorce lawyer and family attorneys will handle family law case like:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Child Visitation
  • Fathers Rights
  • Marriage Separation & Annulment
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Move Away Hearing
  • Prenup & Postnup Agreement
  • High Income Divorce
  • Adoption

 An El Cajon Divorce Law Center Can Help You Understand the Legal Grounds for Marriage Separation Better

When looking to get a divorce there are so many questions you may have. One of those questions is the legal grounds for a divorce. Even though, the below will give you a general overview, however, it is recommended that seek an El Cajon divorce lawyer counsel for more details.

By consulting with a A marriage in El cajon can be dissolved on the following grounds:

1) Irreconcilable differences
2) Incurable insanity

Irreconcilable differences refer to the breakdown of the marriage to such an extent that it is impossible to mend the broken relationship. Incurable insanity of one spouse must be proven by authorized health experts with test documents.

A legal separation is also activated in similar ways with the same requirements of residency. The superior court would consider a legal separation of the parties without imposing any ruling on the all parties’ earnings or accumulations until the divorce is finalized.

Salvaging the Marriage through Mediation or Counseling

A divorce is never an easy or straightforward process with many difficult issues to settle. When minors are involved in a divorce case in El Cajon, their welfare is of great concern to the state authorities where the family conciliation court attempts to provide counseling and mediation services.
The court exercises its jurisdiction as provided in the California Family Code Section 1830 to protect the minors and other parties related to the controversy. Private legal counseling or mediation through experienced El Cajon divorce lawyers in the state is allowed by the court to resolve child rights issues amiably without hurting family relationships if possible. All involved parties have the right to seek the best of welfare for themselves in a divorce, although the issue is between two adults.

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